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Electrical Hazard Breaker BoxIf you are a business owner, a plant manager, or a homeowner, you want your electrical systems to work efficiently.  With that being said, electricity presents many hazards whether it involves equipment failure that poses safety concerns for employees or whether it involves potential fire hazards due to poorly installed or damaged wiring and components.

In terms of industrial hazards, Carolina Electrical Resources' main solution is preventive maintenance through regular "eye ball" inspections and more thorough Infrared Inspections.

Residential Electrical Inspections

Only 99When it comes to residential electrical hazards, the main concern is the potential for fire or personal injury.  The main solution for fire hazards involves the installation of a hard wired smoke detector.

Other electrical hazards that need consideration and inspection include:

  • Old electrical outlets and switches that simply look dangerous (burn marks around the outlet or outlets without plate covers)
  • Wiring that has become frayed due to friction or normal wear and tear
  • Improper installation from non-licensed "electricians"
  • Overloaded outlets

Electrical Inspection Plan

For homeowners, we offer a program entitled "Residential Hazard Detection."  This plan simply involves the inspection of your current electrical wiring and looks at:

  • Properly installed and functioning hard-wired smoke detectors. (Who wants to depend on a battery to warn your family of a fire.)
  • Inspection of switches and outlets
  • Inspection of circuit breakers/circuit box
  • Inspection of abnormally hazardous situations such as spas, pools, and boat docks with electrical outlets and/or boat lifts.

Most often we find that our "Residential Hazard Detection" inspections are needed in older homes whereas the wiring is simply out-of-date or when a non-licensed electrician has "wired" a home or a renovation for danger. 

Boat Dock WiringFor residents living on the lake or who have pools with nearby electrical systems and outlets, inspections are crucial.  Not only is the proximity to water a hazard, but the wear and tear to wiring and components from being outdoors makes deterioration inevitable.  The picture to the left depicts some exposed wiring next to a docked boat.

Beyond being an electrician, I am a husband and a father who often cringes when I see "accidents waiting to happen" due to faulty wiring or improper precautions when it comes to electrical safeguards.  If you are interested in having your home, business, or boat dock inspected for electrical safety, please call us.

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